Mrs. Ahuja did not leave instead she came by my bed with some pain balm and insisted on applying it to my forehead. She sat down and started rubbing...the balm on my temples. She then told me it was uncomfortable to massage my head in that position and asked me to put my head on her lap. I hesitated. She just lifted my head and put it on her lap. She rubbed the balm on my temples. My head was touching her breasts. My hard on was killing me. I was pretty sure I was going to have blue balls.. . and lies.There. Now we can move on.So ... what's the first thing you should do to begin writing really bad erotica? Well, a very wise man once said "There is nothing new under the sun." So let's start this way:1. Pick a plot that's been done six hundred thousand times. Here are a few examples:a. The UPS guy knocks, and wifey (just out of the shower, of course) answers the door in a robe that suddenly comes loose. Within two paragraphs they're fucking on the floor.b. Young male is caught by. But i did not know. once she gave her secret number to me on that site. i became happy and called her. we had done telephonic sex for one month. always i want convinced her for real meet but once i became success.She gave me one time that was Friday at 11 am in a hotel (Venus inn) . i became happy and i wait for that moment with much excitement. wen that time cam i had gone with good stile and booked a room. then i called her and she told just for 15 minute. then after 20 minute doorbell rang.. She never bought me boys underwear. She and I wore thesame panties which was easy because our hips were the same size." I lived with her until I was 25 and the only masculine clothes I worewere for when I went outside the house. Inside the house we wore the samedressing gowns and, since our feet were the same size, we also wore thesame slippers and shoes."I noticed then that Helen's hand had drifted down to her crotch and shewas rubbing herself under her panties. I had never seen the look.

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