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I never got to ask what her vital statistics were as I was only interested in the main stuff. I guess she must be around 37-30-38. Her tits and ass we...e amazingly proportionate. Let’s get to the story now.One evening I came home so dead tired and sweating like hell as the lift was not working and I had to walk up 10 floors. I was swearing and cursing the maintenance guy for not maintaining the lift and making me walk up 10 floors. As soon as I reach my door, Asha came out running through the. He kissed her one more time, before lowering himself down to her large breasts, he pulled them to his lips and sucked her nipples into his mouth, making sure to pay each one enough attention to get them erect. He licked her skin all over, and she loved it so much, she couldn’t wait for him to go further down. As she watched him slowly move across her, she could see his face, illuminated by the pale glow of the television, and could tell that he wanted only to please her. His eyes met hers, and. I let her put the protection over my throbbing member. With eyes closed she parted her swollen lips and slowly guided my rock hard manhood deep inside as she took a deep breath. Even with the rubber I felt her heat and her lack of child birth tight vagina. We both took a couple of minutes to enjoy the new hot sensations. She opened her eyes and smiled 'so big!' I reached for her beautiful C-cups and smiled back. 'So glad I can serve you too!' Then her virginal squeeze tightened and pulsed. I. This was not too hard to do. Putting them in separate stalls in the stables. This seemed to work and the dog settled down a bit. Until that night.We had gone to bed exhausted from the fresh air and the work that had to be done around the farm. It was quite early for us, but we had just about run out of energy. Jock, started to yell and although the stables were quite away from the house, his whining and yips could be heard as if he were in the room with us. I decided to go and see if I could.

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