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She had almost choked on the amount of cum he had forced down her throat and felt ashamed at the involantary suck she had given him at the end. But ha... it been a total reflex, or had some part of enjoyed what he had done to her. She cleared her head of that thought how could any of this be her fault. he had released her hair and she defiently shook her her and looked at him through her hair. She watched him walk to the door and leave she heard the key turn in the lock and knew she would not get. "Tommy?"She passed me the joint and lay with her head on my chest, one leg thrown across my groin, I felt my cream oozing out from her over my groin and found it somehow erotic that neither of us thought it necessary to clean up, we'd make love again before too long, I knew that and I knew she'd want oral sex too, I knew that I'd delight in tasting myself on her as she'd enjoy taking me into her mouth and savouring her own juices on my shaft!"Yes lover?" Am I allowed to fall in love with. As she eases off her orgasm I continue my slow teasing letting another build in her. It's not long before her breath catches, her body tenses up and cums, her legs spread wide, pushing her pussy out at me for more attention. I can read her, her body, knowing what she wants and needs as I speed up my tongue on her clit, increasing the speed and pressure of my fingers on her g spot. Her orgasm growing stronger, and it goes on and on, rippling through her body like electricity. Yuko finally. You abruptly stepped back, and pulled off your t-shirt, looking at me with hooded eyes. 'Strip,' you told me. My fingers found the hem of my top and I pulled it off in a fluid motion, your eyes still on my face as I fumbled for the clasp of my bra and let it drop to the floor. Out of breath, burning, I shimmied my panties and skirt down to my ankles, catching my torn tights with it and slipped them off my feet, my shoes having been discarded somewhere in the hallway. As I stood there, naked,.

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