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Mayer dudh gulo k hater modhye niye muchriye diloo .tarpor ma k pichon theke jorie dhorlo..bogoler tola diye haat duto dhukie die ma r dudh duto k tip...e suru korlo..omanushik vabe tipchhilo jeno dudhu ningre baar korbe…ma jontronay ar anonde chhotphot kore uthe Shankar er duhat chepe dhorlo. Ami lukiye thaka jaiga theke dekhte r gud ta samne beriye porloo.Shankar sab kichu osadharon khiprotay korche..ekmuhurto samay nasto korche na…tar ekta haat namie dilo ma r gude…onno hate ekta. ” He chuckled out. “But first let me introduce some of the new girls.” He started calling out girls by their names, stating how sexy they looked and hoped they would par-take in today’s events as these were the new girls. He introduced a bunch of girls while I stood around holding a drink tray. Soon I heard the man scream out “And Dave’s new drink girl everyone give a warm welcome to NIKKI~” I stood silent as everyone looked at me. The lights were pointing right at me. “Come on down Nikki,. Oh! ... Mmmm!" followed.Bob had given a little thrust into her.She was sore from her first impalement less than a half hour before. But Mandy had found out the pain of the first time quickly turned into pleasure. Bob had only given her a gentle thrust but it violently awakened the demon within her. Her lust sprang into motion drowning out the sting. Once more her most basic of instincts took over."Oh, my God. I love you!" Mandy sighed as she drew their lips close again."I love you!"She rotated. He lives in my society. He used to take tuitions in batches of five. At first there was hardly any personal communication between him and myself. Then one day i had a few doubts late at night. Because he lives in my society i could easily visit his home. When i went up to his home he welcomed me in.We started to study and after we had solved our doubts we found that it was 1 am. He said “tu raat ko yaha kyu nai reh jata? “. I replied “sir mere parents ko tension hogi. ” he said “mai unko call.

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