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I wondered if perhaps giving her a choice would not quite work. I decided to try something different."Make me a grilled cheese sandwich" I requested confidence."Okay" she said blankly as she got up left her room and turned on the stove. I followed her excited from the potential I had just discovered. I could make her do anything and everything I wanted and I planned to."Ashley stop making the sandwich" I said. she stopped "What? I already told you I need to be somewhere. Stop wasting my. I wander around the room, gazing at photos, checking the books on the shelf, and humming along with the soft music pouring from the stereo. A gust of air fans the flames in the fireplace as the door opens and you enter. You look comfortable and inviting in a white dress shirt, unbuttoned to reveal your strong chest, and a pair of blue jeans. I am glad I kicked off my shoes at the door. A bottle of wine in your hand and that sly smile on your face set me immediately at ease. I. .. um b-blowing me.”“With a youthful giggle, she said, “You naughty boy you. I thought you might have been thinking that very thing. It’s so good that you feel comfortable enough, to be frank with me ... GOOD SHOW.”She patted my thigh and gave my cock a quick grasp. “I think it would be a marvelous feat for me to be able to drive the motor (British for car) and suck your cock at the same time.” She felt my groin again and patted my growing bulge. “Nice package,” she said with a giggle. “I still. "They sat down amongst the verdure and lay back in the dappled sunshine. "If I take my top off will you oil me she asked" Of course" he replied and took the bottle of Factor 5 and applied the lotion to her back and neck. That's OK, I can do my front she laughed. I will do you afterwards.They both lay back under the turquoise sky enjoying the peace of that place. A rustle ran through the trees although there was no wind. A subliminal hum of insects bathed them in a sensual bath. The hurts of the.

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