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A day ago, she had only been fucked by one man and now she was being called a whore and she guess she was. Will pulled off his pants and underwear and...she got in the position. She handed him a condom which Sandy had left on the tray. Will threw it back on the tray and positioned himself behind her on his knees. Jackie grunted as he crammed his little cock deep in her pussy with one thrust.“Move that fat ass Bitch.”Jackie love her ass being called fat, even though most would call it a perfect. I was disappointed since I’d miss the sex, and relieved because I wasn’t ready to open my heart to anyone any time soon. Like during the following year. Or two... I hadn’t known what to expect when I knocked on the door on the house of the seamstress. She was a short woman, probably in her late thirties with a little gray in her otherwise black hair. Besides that, there wasn’t much more. No hips, no breasts, nothing. However, she seemed to know her business, and she had been delighted when I. The superintendent in charge of the task force asked me to be liaison between the local community and searching police. No worries. A lady, Mrs. Allison, a lovely blue haired old dear really, complained to the police that strange men were 'lurking around' behind her house and I dropped in to explain about the police and for whom they were searching. She invited me in for the traditional 'cuppa' and to meet her boarder, 'a nice young man.' He met me in the hall as he was leaving his room and I'm. They said nothing to each other all three warriors looking around carefully noting details of the village before they moved into the shadows. Stomping into the house Spar and called his sons, Emery and Flint, ‘Get a bottle of fire water and come with me.’ His eldest son, Cobalt raised an eyebrow inquisitively but said nothing. Leaving the house with two of his four sons, Spar approached the edge of the village once more with the equally formidable figures of his sons following behind him only.

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