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“Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” I moaned a long and stifled ‘Mmmmm hmmm’ and took him as deep as I could. He put his hands on my and leaned back against the wall. I sucked him deep, deep into my mouth and then back up to suck the head, then again. Over and over I let his shaft travel across the roof of my mouth until it nearly touched the back of my throat. His fingers began to tighten and his body started to stiffen. I was ready, no anxious to swallow everything he could shoot. Meen – try to karo tumhara kya matlab he ?. Mene kaha kuch nahi chalo so jate he fir rat ko der tak bat karte rahe or nind aa gayi.Rat ko meri nind khul gayi or mene dekha to mina ka hath mere par tha or mera ek hath uske brest ke upar tha. To mene apne hath ko waha se le liya or so gaya lekin bad fir se mere mind me shetan jaga or mene apna hath fir se mina ki bobs pe rakh diya or sone ki acting karne laga. Or fir mene apne hath ko thodi movement di or uske bobs pe sehlane laga. Mina ko pata. Luckily I took English as my literal subject. From the very next day, the class started in full swing. Only then did I realized that she was married! Well, that didn’t matter to me that much as I had no feelings for her then. That day when I returned home I was told by my mom that she has fixed my English tutions and to go there that very day at 4:30. I reluctantly went to the house (I was thinking it would be a tuition center). I rang the bell and behold Sumi ma’am opened the door. I was. How about Elton John? he asked. YES… thats the ticket! CJ replied. As he fired up the CD player and as Good bye yellow brick road came on, CJ began to move. God, did she move. Ted watched her grind and turned to Jeannie saying, Look at her teasing with her grinding hips. Why dont you join her, so I can watch both of your sweet asses move! Jeannie got up and did just that. Strolled her firm little ass over to join CJ in a dance, while Ted studied her ass as she went. <,<,<, Back to the.

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