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Phir wo boli kya tum mughy payar krn chahtay ho maine kaha haaa or Who mere paas aai aur mere shirt ke button kholne lagi, aur fir usne apne hooteh me...e hooto pe rakha humdono ek dusre ko passinatioly kiss karne lage, dheere dheere mein ne unke kapde utrna suru kiya aur unko bra panty mien le aya , mein unko dekhta reh gaya who bra panty mein ekdam playboy magazine ki model lag rahi thi , fir usne kaha dekh kya rahe hoo yeh sab tumhara hai jo jee chahe karoo , fir meinne uska bra utara aur. "And what job is that, Sergeant, that it demands threatening your superior officer with a weapon?" asked Igwanda."'Superior officer' my left nut, Igwanda," said Chavez. "And you can quit calling me 'sergeant, ' I don't even do a good imitation of a sergeant. It's Colonel Chavez, military intelligence. And that's Captain Dzenda in there putting the finishing touches on things. She does do a good imitation of a trooper, thank God."Igwanda could hear several sets of footsteps in the corridor. She gulped a bit, then said she “would think about it, her body being a scar covered lump,” but she would talk to her friend, and think about it, then standing and saying to “close the door behind me” she strode off to the house, no doubt in a bit of embarrassment, sketch pad under her arm, leaving me to dress. When I came indoors, mother asked me if I had enjoyed my modelling session, and my reply that “I had earned my £5, belive me,” had her grinning and at the table that evening asking to. "With that body, I figured you would get a better offer by now," she said."Never was much of a pole dancer. I got no rhythm," I answered."That wouldn't matter. No one expects talent in those places," she said. It almost reminded me of Tommy."Possibly true but they keep the inside of strip clubs way to cold for a girl to be running around in half a bikini. Afraid I would be in the hospital too many times and they have no health insurance.Trish laughed. "At least you could qualify for a job.

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