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Little Red Riding took the wolf’s tool deep in her small mouth, and wrapping her tongue completely around it and to his balls making him super horny...where he couldn’t hold back.Little Red Riding Hood sneered at the wolf that she wanted to him to show her how big and bad he is. The Big Bad Wolf flipped Little Red Riding Hood on her back on the bed and took his teeth and ripped off her blouse and red cape and bra and took his long tongue all over her chest and nipples, her moaning in pleasure. After a couple of weeks, Rita suggested I should come too, that it would be fun and a great way to kick off our weekend.So I did. They met at a pub not far from our apartment. The place was called Bertha’s, and although it provided very little ambiance, it did offer cheap drinks and snacks and oldies on the jukebox.When I got there eight or nine people were gathered around several tables that had been pushed together. I sat in the vacant chair next to Rita and gave her a kiss. I recognized the. Clouds of dark-blue smoke began pouring out, which formed into Sarosa.“Master!” She exclaimed, running to hug him. “What’s going on? Where are we?”“Don’t worry Sarosa, I’m just glad I’ve got you back,” said Harry. “There’s a room in my mind. I wish for you to take us there.”“Um, yes Master.”Harry and Sarosa disappeared, leaving the others on their own.“Alright everyone, I mean it,” said Antonella. “Nothing to see here.” The disappointed crowd dispersed, with only Charlie and Daniel. If that wasn’t enough, he’d gagged me too. Even though it was cold, I was sweating. Maybe it was fear? I wasn’t scared though, not really; the fluttering in my stomach felt more like anticipation. My t-shirt felt tight around my small tits and it was damp too, sticking to my hot skin. I was wearing a skirt, not a particularly short one but it made me feel vulnerable regardless. I was still wearing my high heels. I pressed my thighs tightly together and moaned softly, desperate for some sort.

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