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I had read some romance novels out of boredom and I had a vague idea howMen were supposed to act around women, and a notion of how they shouldact But I never encountered any scenario in life that resembledwhat I had read. I just wanted to feel attractive and appreciated whilebeing myself. I just did not know how to get it.We got to the school at about four pm and a teacher named Mr. Washingtontook me aside."Daniel, right?" he asked me."Yes Sir," I squeaked."This is Thomas," he said. Then she saw the large saw bladed knife, oh so menacing in aspect, and she froze in fright."Don't make a sound," I said menacingly. "Don't fight me and I'll only take your money. Do you understand?"She nodded, trying to say something from behind my hand."No sounds," I hissed.She froze, panting, which was exactly what I wanted. Frightened people don't fight, or least, they don't fight well. I dragged her back through the opening I had sprung from, then down a hallway and out into the warehouse.. When we had everything set up, it was time to test it. I set the hardware clock of the server to about a minute behind the local time; I decided that the Telecom ‘talking clock’ was good enough of a local reference. While the main accuracy of their time keeping system wasn’t anywhere near as accurate as an atomic clock, the system in the Telecom Research Labs were good enough for what we wanted to do. We dialled 1194, and put the phone in my office on speaker.“At the third stroke, it will be. I figured that taking her outside wouldn’t hurt. We got out to the hallway and I spotted a wheelchair. ‘Here, hop on and save your strength honey’ I said, and after she did we went down the hallway and onto the elevator. It was a bitter afternoon and when we got outside the cold almost took my breath away. I looked at Cathy who was climbing out of the chair. ‘What now honey?’ I asked tenatively as she stood up. ‘Unless you got a car in the last week or so, I think we need a cab’ Cathy announced.

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