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Give him aphrodisiac number three to start out...then increase the dosage each day for awhile." By the time he's on aphro 10 he'll be a suckhole fanat...c." Tonight we'll introduce him to our special female 'gloryhole'...such a wonderful way to express his complete obedience to us." Oh and begin the antibiotic treatments and intenstinal barrier so that be doesn't become ill from the disgusting little parasites found in crap and other nasty liquids." She left and the two women released me and as. As she came Gretchen imagined her juices flowing up through the dildo and out into Crystal’s flaming cunt. Not to cool the flames, but add fuel to the fire. The hostage Crystal wailed as she gave into the needs. Like ripples across the surface of a lake, like echoes ricocheting endless inside a narrow canyon it was her first multiple orgasm in weeks. She was giving into to its possession of her. Tears began to run from the corners of her eyes. She wept without any thought of sorrow. She had no. " Look, I'm really sorry Brigid. I just get this itch in my crotch and I have to do something about it. Can you forgive me?" I suppose I can, after all it was that same itch that caused me and you to... you know, in those toilets. I had the same itch, I don't think I could have stopped myself even if I wanted to, and I definitely didn't want to." She smiled broadly as she said this and I said, "Kiss and make up then?" I leant in to her and we kissed, gently at first, and then I felt her tongue. To be a bit feisty was OK, but any real resistanceor worse, attempts to defend yourself, strike back, would be considered a breachof contract and reported to the local authorities. Out there a crime that carriesa mandatory sentence of ten years of hard labour. Ingenious, isn't it? Yousign an agreement, you gamble, you lose, and you have no choice but to facethe consequences. The whole scheme is legal and above board. You can't expectany help from your own country or even sue the company if.

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