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‘I’m sorry I got in so late.’ She rubbed her eyes and yawned. ‘That’s all right,’ Tera said. ‘As long as you had a nice time.’ Tera sm...led. Her mother always looked terrible in the morning. She laughed to herself thinking that the reason her mother hadn’t been able to keep a boyfriend was that they saw her the next morning and ran away. ‘I did,’ Kate said. ‘Richard is a really nice guy, much better than the other losers I’ve been out with. We had a nice, expensive, dinner and then went dancing. Im from Indore. My 21years old GF Priya belongs to Jabalpur and lives in hostel in Bhopal for studies,she’s simple modern girl with cute eyes,good looks,long hairs and a very nice maintained structure with very good curves and nice ass. Since we were not in same cities we use to be in touch on calls or sms regularly and i use to visit Bhopal on weekends to meet her. I always used to take care of her feelings,needs,views and desires..i always tried to make each of her moment with me to be very. Yes fucccccckkkkkkkkkk me fuck meeeeeeeeeee hardddddddddddd………..doooooooooooontttttttttttt stooooooooooopppppppppppp like thhhhhhhiiiiiiiiissssssss ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…So now she was really enjoying then after few minutes I felt pressure on my dick like something is grabing from inside like walls of her pussy are getting close to each other and only after few jerks she ejaculated and lot’s of water came out of her pussy by seeing that she was also surprised nut. Finally coming down from my high, I just stood there, in complete euphoria, taking in what felt like the greatest orgasm I've had in a while. If the chains hadn't been holding me up, I'd be a sloppy mess on the floor.“I didn't give you permission to cum, slave! That just earned you a new punishment!”I didn't care. I felt so good at that point I'd put up with anything he threw at me and call him whatever he wanted just to feel something even remotely close to that again.. I heard him do that.

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