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She had never allowed him to put it in her ass before, but she suddenly felt herself ache for it. Before she could put too much thought into that, he the head down to her opening, nudging just inside.Todd grabbed her hips and with one hard thrust, slammed fully inside her. It pushed her further into the mattress and her grip on the blanket tightened. She felt it sliding slowly out of her and braced, knowing what was about to happen.“Fuck, baby, I’ve missed this.” Lori meant it. She missed. ..And Opal knew every inch of Eustace's dick...she knew where to ruband where to tickle, and she was completely in control of herhusband's sensitive frenulum, which just drove himwild!Then she'd gone and gotten her rattan cane. Opal had raised it,watching Eustace weeping in anticipation as his dick had stuck out,thick with the rage of 83 days of no orgasms...SNAP ! The first time the rattan had landed on Eustace's dick,hisarms had immediately left the back of his neck, and he'd grabbed. However, it gave me some small degree of pleasure to see her picture. Bring her to me, that I may inspect her more fully."There was a flurry in the small harem when this news was relayed by the master of the house, and it took almost an hour before she was deemed fit to be seen by an Emir. Meanwhile he accepted some sweetmeats and coffee, and passed the time discussing hunting with Abu Yahya.When she finally entered the room it was beneath an abaya, which the Emir immediately ordered removed.. “Lots of finger food in there, so we can be in bed most of the time. Sushi and Jewish deli. I’d have to go to the kitchen for ice cream, but I’ve got ice cream and sauces...” her voice got even more husky, “ ... to eat out or on interesting places.”Leaving work early, I indulged in one of my more decadent pleasures: a bubble bath, with relaxing and joyous music. I lit scented candles, of suitably masculine woody aromas, with the bubble bath itself smelling of intense chocolate. There even was a.

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